House prices jump 300% in 20 years: Average UK property has gained £200k since 1995 with popular areas seeing fivefold increase

House prices have risen 300 per cent in the past 20 years, new research claims. The average value of a home in Britain was just £66,110 in 1995, but has climbed to £262,847, according to the research by estate agents Savills. It means prices have risen £200,000 or the equivalent of £10,000 a year.

This £200k ‘hobbit’ house is hiding a HUGE surprise behind the front door

When you move into a new house, there might be the occasional new bathroom or knocked down wall – but one man took it to the extreme.  The late artist Antony Dracup transformed his hobbit home into a sprawling mansion with a huge cave below ground to entertain guests.

London house prices: The capital’s crazy property market explained

You could probably sum up the London property market’s recent performance like this: the bottom has fallen out of the top and there is no top to the bottom. Changes to the tax regime, such as a stamp duty increase on high-value homes, have hit the most expensive properties hardest. Sales and house prices in prime central London areas are dropping.

$5.5m price tag tests property market

It is the $5.5 million 3×1 with a price-tag that only makes sense when you turn around to see the view. The Mosman Park property, which has hit the market after been owned by one family for 95 years, could also be a test of Perth’s high-end property market at a time when house prices, listings and sales are on the slide.